Thoughtsbook: Attitudes to Live by

I have a wonderful life. I have a magnificent husband, a sweet little doggo, I live on a tiny island in the Mediterranean sea and We’re All Mad Here so I fit in just fine.

I don’t work, and beyond my responsibilities as a wife and homemaker, my time is my own. I have so much freedom now, as an adult, but I’ve only realized that just recently, at 39 years old. Up until now, I’ve still been the person that I was conditioned to become by my past experiences. It’s time to start living my life on my own terms and by my own standards.

Because I use medical marijuana; I spend a lot of my time high while cleaning or shopping or painting etc, and it is the most wonderful healing tool for me because I can check in on my attitude far more easily when I am high – even only mildly high, at a lower temperature on my vaporiser – I still feel like I am far more self aware and able to more easily identify, acknowledge, accept and then address any attitudes, behaviours or issues that need tending to.

I use my Thoughtsbook as a kind of Notes To Self book, to remind my future self to practice gratitude, a joyful attitude and always – self love.