Never mind the dog – how cute is that stitch marker container?!

I recently posted a photo to the subreddit r/yarntrolls that showed how I use my sleeping dog as part of my work surface when crocheting and knitting:

Dog table!

I knew that my cute doggo Matilda would get a smile out of my fellow yarn craft enthusiasts, but I didn’t expect my stitch marker container to steal the show the way it did. Pretty much all of the (albeit few) comments centered on the stitch marker container and how cute it is. I suppose all knitters can relate to being proud of their knitting tools, but not all knitters can relate to being obsessed with a dog.

So I commented that I’d bought it on Amazon but they were also available on AliExpress for much cheaper and while looking on AliExpress I discovered that you can buy the stitch markers without a container. Now, the little round box that my stitch markers live in really works well for me because I like that the different colour clips each have their own compartment and I really enjoy storing my craft tools in an organized manner, but I’ll confess that my greed kicked in and I found myself yearning for yet more of these colorful plastic safety pins. I started imagining how I could use them in my arts and crafts. Maybe I could design a knitted top with adjustable straps and the stitch markers could actually *be* the strap adjusters? Or a crocheted key chain with a bunch of the cute clips for attaching keys easily?

But the reality is that if I bought a bunch of the clip markers for projects like that I’m likely to never actually make those projects. The clips would probably suffer the same fate as the macrame cord and giant beads that I bought because I wanted to make macrame plant holders. That fate means living out its days in the coat cupboard in the spare room, hiding behind my yarn stash.

So I won’t be buying more colorful stitch clips again anytime soon, but I will continue to enjoy the ones I’ve already got, in their enviable wheel shaped box and patiently wait for the day that I discover that so many of them have slipped through the couch and gotten eaten by the vacuum cleaner that I’ll just *have* to get a whole bunch more of them.

I’m sure I can use them for something…