Cat Drawings

Some of my cats appear in my doodlebooks, some of them turn up when I’m working with loose paper. But they’re cats; they go wherever they please. I’ve gotten used to them turning up in odd places.

I enjoy drawing in a wide variety of media, and I don’t stick chiefly to monochrome or polychrome palettes. Some of my cats are cheerfully colourful, others are purrfectly content with being a whispery grey sketch. The only thing they really have in common is that they keep me company and have introverted adventures with me without us even needing to leave the house.

Some chilled music, warm cuppa and a new little kitty friend to play with soothes my inner cat lady and allows Mrs Catherine Nessworthy, who is married and is therefore barred from The Catlady’s Guild, to take charge and get on with life.